The Quickest Way To Lose Body Fat

Many people cut down on their carbohydrates for the quickest way to lose body fat. Cutting out carbohydrates will help you lose weight faster.  There are many diet plans geared to cut out as many carbohydrates and sugars as possible, especially refined sugars.  However it is not good to restrict carbohydrates entirely.  I found the quickest way to lose body fat with the HCG Cream, however, this is very restrictive, expensive and is only administered by a doctor.   If you are like me, you can’t afford to keep going to doctors for weight loss. They don’t want you to know the quickest way to lose body fat.  Check out this link to see what doctors aren’t telling you.

There are popular diets that allows someone to enjoy foods like bacon, eggs, cheese, meat, cream and more. There are many foods that an individual can enjoy without putting on weight. Although a lot of the foods don’t sound like usual diet foods they can all be enjoyed on a plan that restricts refined sugars.  Many of the foods are high in fat, but low in sugar.  Many celebrities have also tried these types of diet plans with a lot of success.

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By following a high protein, low carbohydrate diet the body will burn its fat stores. Therefore the body will burn fat quickly to provide the body with energy. Blood sugar levels are much more stable when someone cuts out carbohydrate from their diet.

When following plans like the Atkins or South Beach there are four phases. The first phase is known as the Induction that lasts for two weeks. The Induction can be followed for longer than two weeks although it is recommended that a person follows it for two weeks. The Induction stage is difficult because it severely limits the amounts of carbohydrate someone can eat. Therefore it is difficult to maintain for a long time.

The second phase is called the Ongoing Weight Loss that allows a person to increase their carbohydrate. The individual will increase their carbohydrate to 5g daily for a week before they find their critical carbohydrate level. Once the critical carbohydrate level is discovered a person will lose between 1 and 3 lbs a week. Phase three is called the Pre-maintenance stage and the last phase four is known as weight maintenance. The last level remains the same for an individuals life time. Although The Atkins diet does cut out a lot of carbohydrate by the final stage a person will be eating a lot more carbohydrates.

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